SAFARY Technology

Safary technologies offering sophisticated system to locate the companies supplier, by making use of a simple cellular application. The shopper can see the obtainable closest company, location a request and inside of minutes the job begins and Taxi done, minimizing the burden of scheduling, throwing away time in waiting. Safary application able to keep track of the solutions company, calculate the value of the solutions, issue the invoices and gather the payment. Safary set a default demand for the services inside of a certain spot, and the payment will be through a secure gateway employing the app, with a credit history card or PayPal account, that boost the stability and stop losing the card information. Safary application supply distinct variety of solutions for the households and the enterprise, range from a transportation to the house companies like Nanny, Pet sitter, plumber and cleaning services. Safary service provider represented by the nearby enterprise homeowners, opening the door to the growth by minimizing the value of the solutions and the reward goes directly to the community person.

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